I am an Applications Architect at Lynden, Inc., a transportation and logistics company (specializing in shipping to Alaska), where I work on the design of infrastructure and applications to support the company’s freight tracking and operational systems.  The breadth of technologies used at Lynden include web applications built with HTML5 and RESTful web services, desktop applications built on the Netbeans Rich Client Platform (RCP) and JavaFX, as well as server side infrastructure which includes, Java web applications, web services, messaging,  legacy Basic applications and UniVerse database (one of the original NoSQL databases).

Despite the fact that I have all my teeth (and am not Canadian), I can frequently be found at one of the local rinks playing ice hockey.

twitter: @RobTerpilowski

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  1. Hi Rob,
    I saw an articale written by you which locate here: http://java.dzone.com/articles/streamlining-deployment.
    In this articale, I found a function based on Jenkins Dynamic Parameter Plugin which I really need it: allow us to auto populate dropdown boxes with valid values based on our environment.
    I’m confused with this, don’t know how to achieve this goal, could you kindly share this infomation with me? for e.g, could you share some example groovy codes, etc…
    thx very much…

  2. Rob,

    I also need help with how to configure the Jenkins Dynamic Choice plugin to automatically populate a list of valid versions for a given java app published into Nexus. Did you modify the original plugin or is it merely a matter of the correct groovy script? if its a custom plugin, is there any chance you can publish it so we who need the same functionality can use it?


  3. Hi Rob,
    i used to develope my applications on javafx platform and now i want to integrate netbeans rcp with me works, can you give me an example of using the MVC model of javaFX in netbeans rcp?. i will be very gratefull
    you are the best!

    • Thank you Matias, yes a MVC example with JavaFx and NetBeans RCP would be a good topic. I will plan on writing up a blog post showing a simple example, hopefully within the next week or so.

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  8. Hi Rob, I also work with the Rocket Universe system and was wondering if any components of Siesta are available to the public. Ultimately, I’m interested in trying integrations of Universe with Camel. I may have some other questions for you if you have the time.

    • Hey Derek,
      sorry it took so long to get back to you. Unfortunately our UV licensing is very tailored to our company, and Siesta is built around how our licensing model w/ Rocket works, so we aren’t able to share the library. If you have specific questions though about how we did it and how we are using Camel, I’d be happy to answer. You can email me at RobtT at Lynden

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