GMapsFX 2.0.7 Released

A new version of GMapsFX has been released to bintray and Maven Central.  The main feature in this version is to allow the use of custom marker/pin images, rather than relying on the default Google images.

A future blog post will demonstrate how to add custom markers to your GMapsFX application.


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.25.33 PM


3 thoughts on “GMapsFX 2.0.7 Released

  1. Hi Rob, I have been experimenting with GMapsFX and its a really great java to Google Maps interface, However, after much debugging I think I have found a bug that isn’t actually your doing but is an underlying issue in the java script Google Maps API. The bug only seems to be related to markers, and most prominently occurs when removing markers (which doesn’t always work and sometimes leaves the image of a marker on the map after “removal”) From what I understand, it has to do with the Javascript Garbage collector removing the marker before the marker has had time to undraw its image, Apparently the fix some people use is to have a a javascript array which keeps a reference to all markers and prevents the garbage collector for deleting the marker. (I have not tested this myself) I have done my own workaround using marker visibility controls and sleeps. I thought I would tell you what I found in case you run into a similar issue. Unfortunately I have not been able to create a simple, consistent demo of the problem – it seems to depend on how busy the system is at the time.

  2. Hello awesome work you do here :d congrats! I am trying to integrate this framework in my javafx app and I was wondering.. is there anyway I can add a (click ) event listener on a marker so when it’s clicked it’s related InfoWindow appears ( like a pop up ) ? Thank youu

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