GMapsFX 2.0.5 Released

GMapsFX 2.0.5 has been released and is now available via bintray and maven central.

This version contains a major bugfix where the directions pane was always enabled.  The framework has been updated to make the direction pane an option that can be toggled on or off at runtime as it is needed.

GMapsFX is a Java library that makes it extremely easy to add a Google Map to a JavaFX application.




GMaps Home:
twitter: @RobTerpilowski

3 thoughts on “GMapsFX 2.0.5 Released

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  3. Hey.. How are you guy? I’m currently using this API on a college Project but I’m getting some errors that i can’t understand why.. I creat a class that contains the map as a VBOX.. I set the center as well but sometimes it loads fine, with all my markers but sometimes it just goes to another place in the map not far from the center.. And really doesn’t get why.. My question is, do you know what could cause it? I created a method that call the class.. But I don’t think that this issue can be there.. So please, if you have any clue, please let me know.
    Thank you anyway 🙂

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